Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to make a site off line in IIS

Launching a site or publishing a site doesn't mean that your work is over. The main thing called MAINTENANCE starts from here. And when the maintenance is going on you need to stop the site being used by user. So how you will you do that. If you don't know the trick that is the most difficult job to you, but you know this trick its the easiest  thing in .NET, IIS.

The trick called "App_Offline.htm".

Open a text editor like note pad or note pad++ and create a HTML page named 'App_Offline".

Save it with .html or .htm extension. Its not compulsory to write any tag in this html page. If you want then you can add an error message like does any other html page.

Now put this html page in the root folder, where your site has been hosted.

As the time you place it all the link of your site will redirect to that html page and in the monitor the error will be showing. Each and every work, which was running will be stopped immediately. And your site will be in  off line mode.

Enjoy the trick. And don't forget to comment.

Download the page here.


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