Sunday, April 19, 2015

Import Export SQL Server database to Ms. Exel

Here in this post I will show you how to retrieve database table from Ms. Excel step by step with images. First create an excel file where all your data will be saved. 

Now saved this excel file into your drive and open Ms SQL Server management studio. Create a new database or you can do this in your existing database.

On clicking the button import a window will be opened with Data Source option. Choose Ms. Excel from here. 

Now click on the next button to choose Destination. 
Choose SQL Server and your database name from the drop down.

Now only few steps are ahead. Click on the Next button and go to Tables and Views Section. Here select the proper sheet of your excel. And change the name of table as you want.

By clicking on next few Next buttons you will get a success message with no of rows transferred.

Now cross check your database. And also your table which have been created during this process.

Now do it with yours and enjoy.



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