Tuesday, February 14, 2017


This <noscript> tag defines the enable of javaScript in your browser. To state whether JavaScript is enabled or not in your browser we can use this tag. This works fully independently, means no other JavaScript or JQuery library are not needed to use this facility.

First create a HTML page with JavaScript functionality and a noscript tag.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
    <title>NoScript Example</title>
        Javascript is either disabled or not supported in your browser.
        Please enable it or use a Javascript enabled browser.
        This is a HTML page.
        alert('JavaScript is working!');

Now run the HTML page in browser and HTML content will display followed by a pop up showing "JavaScript is working".

Notice the text within noscript is not showing in the browser. Now disable the JavaScript in browser.
For Chrome go to Advance Settings->Privacy->Content Settings->JavaScript and select "Do not allow any site to run JavaScript". Hit OK and refresh the page.

Now you can see the text within nosript tag and notice no popup will be there as you disabled the JavaScript.

For Mozilla visit this link, and for Internet Explorer visit this link

Browser Dependency:
This HTML tag supports all the front line browsers like,
  • Chrome
  • Android
  • Firefox
  • Firefox Mobile
  • Internet Explorer (IE)
  • IE Phone
  • Opera
  • Opera Mobile
  • Safari
  • Safari Mobile


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