Monday, August 11, 2014

Hide URL on mouse hover of a Hyper Link in HTML

Generally on a mouse hover on a Hyper Link of HTML the URL is showing in the left down corner of the browser. So if you want to hide this waht yoou have to do?
To hide the URL create a new HTML page and add to anchor tags.

Page hide URl
Page show URl

Here in this example it will show the URL but if you do this following example the URL will be hidden.

  page don't show URL
Page show URl

In the first Hyper Link, on mouse hover your URL will not be shown. But in the second one will remain as it is. In the first Hyper Link , we use onclick event to call a JavaScript inbuilt fucntion to redirect the page.
    window.location.href = 'page.aspx';
So try it yours and enjoy. 


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