Wednesday, March 5, 2014

AJAX Control Toolkit in ASP.NET

AJAX stands for Anonymous Javascript and XML. It helps to send data to server without refreshing the page. In visual studio it has given some predefine AJAX controls like Script Manager, Script Manager Proxy, Update Panel, Timer, Update Progress. But apart from all these there are many other tools of AJAX to use and make the application much more flexible. Such as is AJAX Toolkit. You can download this from here. And to day I will show you how to add this toolkit into your visual studio.

First download the toolkit from here. And then find the AjaxControlToolkit.dll from that folder. You an download as per your framework, like for visual studio download AJAX Toolkit 4.0 and for Visual studio

12 download AJAX Toolkit 4.5. Because the framework version of VS-10 & VS-12 are 4.0 & 4.5 respectively.

After downloading the toolkit open your Visual studio and open the Toolbox and at the very end of that window click the right mouse button and select "Add tab". Give a name of the tab & then again by right clicking select "Choose items" and open a window. It will take some time, so be patient.

Now click on the browse button and find the AjaxControlToolkit.dll and click OK. Now you will found the made tab is full of controls in your visual studio.

Now to add this first add the Scriptmanager into your page above all other tools, and if you are using any master page then Scriptmanager in master page and Script Manager Proxy in the derived web forms.

Now add  a text box in your web form and you will found a small button is present along with the text box. Click the button and select "Add extender".
 Now a new window will open and you can choose any of the extender that you want.

 And for all other tools like button, label etc you can add the available extenders. So download the zip file and enjoy..


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