Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quiz software using C# (Windows application) with Ms. Access

In the previous post I had show you how to use Ms. Access as your database. Now in this article I will explain you how to create a Quiz software. First take a look about the database.

Here I have done all the program in just one form. And using panel I did all the hiding and showing data.

Table Question (tblQuestion)

  • ID (Number auto increment by 1)
  • Question (Text)
  • Option1 (Text)
  • Option2 (Text)
  • Option3 (Text)
  • Option4 (Text)
  • Answer (Text)
  • SetNo (Number)
  • IsDelete (Number)
Table Time(tblTime) [to set the timer for each set]
  • ID (Number)
  • SetNo (Number)
  • TotalTime (Number) [in second]
Table Result(tblResult) [To show the result]
  • ID (Number)
  • Name (Text)
  • Email (Text)
  • DateTime (Date & Time)
  • Marks (Number)
  • Set (Number)
Table Admin User(tblUser)
  • ID (Number)
  • UserName (Text)
  • Password (Text)
  • Credit (Number) [If any money involved]
  • Credit_Last_Date (Date & Time)
  • IsAdmin (Number)
  • IsDelete (Number)
Now start a new windows project and place the controls according to the image bellow.

1. Front panel

2. Question panel

3. Result panel

Design and code the software or you can download the full code from here. Download and run the solution file to run the program.

Download the source here.


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